Wednesday, October 21, 2009

to be in love....

Eros, the invincible in battle,
neither can any immortal escape
you, nor any man whose life lasts for a day.
(sophocles, antigone 1781 ff.)

the heart skipped a beat with that adorable smile and life felt lively once again. there was something to wait for everyday, there was something to look forward to, life once again was beautiful. though, in my heart i always knew it would last just for a while, but what span of time matters more than that one moment which you are having right now?
love, trust me, is one of the most unpredictable thing to happen. ( reminds of a very filmy but at the same time very true dialouge, "maut aur mohabbat kisi se puch ke nahi aati"...i.e. death and love don't ask for any permission ) so, the thing called love can take possess you at any moment, and you can feel like a teenager bubling with excitement and naivity even at 50. luckily i'm not 50 yet, few years past my teenage and sometimes can still manage to look a lot like that particular age group... :)
so, music is in the air, and so is love, a smile on my face without any reason for it, and palipations at so many akward moments. stupid it might sound and feel at times, but gives a warm happy feeling, very childish though, but anyway what good does the 'certificate of maturity' given by others do? nothing but pushing us more towards a vaccum world where every step we take is to be calculated, every word we utter is thought over thousands of time before it completes the journey from our limbic system to our vocal apparatus. so, for this very moment let me be out of that practical world, let me be out of mind too, and without giving too much of thought about it, let me enjoy the present moment and let me savour the beauty of that smile.
sometimes it's absolutely fine and correct to be a little reckless, be a little selfish (or rather say, do what you truly want to do..... ) and sometimes it's also fine to be in love !!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A piece of Mahabharata...

Mahabharata has always been one of my favourites epics..... since the very early chilhood i was very drwan to these two great hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata (thanks to the doordarshan teleserials !). So these two epics ve played a great role in the shaping of the 'me' I'm today. Not that i became overtly religious or something like that, religion for me has always had one meaning...... 'belief in a supreme power which is taking care of you at each and every moment'..... now call that supreme power by any name you like to, I prefer to call him GOD. Now renaming him as Krishna, Rama, Allah, Jesus,Buddha depends on the personal choices and preferences, as far as I'm concerned ... take me to a temple to offer the flowers, or to a mosque for a sazda, or to a chruch to light a candle, or to a monastry to light up the inscence sticks, I would happily go and find my God at all the places.
Now coming back to Mahabharata...... there was a story i was reminded of today morning while sitting with my books.
One day, while training the princes for archery, guru Drona placed a bird's figure on the dart and asked all the princes to aim at the bird's eye. By chronological order the princes started attending their chances, as soon as they used to take the position n got their arrow ready to shoot, Drona would ask "what do you see prince?", all of them would reply saying they see the bird's figure on the tree, the leaves, the branches and the jungle surrounding the tree, and guru Drona would not let them proceed with the task. One by one all the prince came and went after answering this question and without completing their task. Then came Arjuna's chance, he was asked the same question before proceeding with the task "what do you see Arjun?" Drona asked, Arjun replied "gurudev, all i can see is the bird's eye" and Drona let him proceed with the task , and Arjun's arrow got it's target perfectly.
This simple story is the ultimate success mantra for all those who believe in the theory of karma, luck is a factor, but that luck is a supernatural thing, not for us to decide, not for us to ask, it is decided by someone up there very strategically and it doesn't fall in our domain, what lies in our domain is our Karma........ and this story is an inspiration towards it.


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