Monday, December 27, 2010

sense n nonsense

heylo everyone (i.e. if anyone is reading this !)
so hows the holiday season goin or coming along (sounds better i guess)?
hope santa has filled your stockings well and hope you all are having hell of a gud time at verge of end of the year that is passing by and at the verge of begening of the year that is coming by....
it's party season all around, every one seems to be in the merry making mood, and that's kool (ya, that's the best adjective i could think of, that's really kool)
and why shall i not call it kool... it's winter, time to dine and wine, time to adorn some new jackets, and carry those lovely multicolored scarves and put on best shoes (forget not the dancing ones!)
ok ok am i sounding typically selfishly girlish or teenish??? i think so!
yeah, basically I'm a no fun person, now don't mistake me of being a dumbhead or gloomy face, i definitely am not that, i like to laugh (smile i wud rather say n prefer ) and have fun, but somehow my idea of fun differs.
now the different idea of having fun does make me a loner at times but am not complaining....
n hey that's my first resolution for the year
not complaining actually solves a hell lot of problem and makes life way easier , no complaints, no pains! seriously, trust me, i've worked on that, when I don't complain I don't get irritated by ppl playing deaf to me, I don't get frusated about my words not being taken seriously, and I feel at peace for being so kool with all the mess around ,
so, you see, what if i'm not having any party on my calender for new year, what if i'm not going to be in  Sydney to see the fireworks at the midnight, or at London big ben to hear the bell ringing or atTimes square to kiss the guy standing next to me, or as a matter of fact going gaga in our very own Goa, i'm definitely not complaining.
 i'll be happy to sit by my window and sip my coffee and see new dawn breaking and sun rising up from behind those mountains and painting the sky red, and giving the message loud and clear that sky is the limit!
 hey that reminds me of a quote which i must share with u ppl....
“With every rising of the sun, Think of your life as just begun. The past has shrived and buried deep All yesterdays; there let them sleep. Concern yourself with but today, Woo it, and teach it to obey Your will and wish. Since time began Today has been the friend of man; But in his blindness and his sorrow, He looks to yesterday and tomorrow. You, and today! a soul sublime, And the great pregnant hour of time, With God himself to bind the twain! Go forth, I say—attain, attain! ”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

so for now let me start wishing u ppl for a happy and hope-filled new year
i'll keep talking sense and nonsense  in the coming year too,
ciao :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why LOVE ?

Last weekend, while waiting in the lobby of a hotel, my view was captured by a piece of art adorning the wall. There of course were many other paintings but this one happened to capture my attention and I knew that the reason was more than just the contrast being added to the pastel wall by this red colored canvas.

It was portrait of a lady and the title read ” LOVE” by rebecca khan. The title obviously was thought provoking, I wondered why ‘love’ ?

The entire canvas had the basic color of red, the face was painted red, and I thought “isn’t a red face equivalent to anger?”,even the expressions on her face supported my thoughts….. tightly sealed lips, a slight frowning of brows, a penetrating gaze, everything was suggestive of anger being the dominant expression on the canvass. Still there was somthing very charming about the potrait. No doubt, anger too can be charming at times, but there definitely was something charming in a lovable way, and while thinking that my eyes noticed the white flower in her hair and white pearls in her neck and they somehow explained it all…… perhaps to persuade his lady love and dissipate the anger, someone must have have put a flower in her hair and affectionately put the pearls around her neck……..and thus even though anger was the dominant expression but love became the dominant emotion and she definitely looked like someone’s LOVE !

Thursday, December 9, 2010


life is strange and stranger is human nature....

sometimes you are constantly at a war with your ownself, you keep swinging between the two ends between the two choices between the various moods, at one moment you feel happy, the very next you don't feel that way, and all for no reason!

you are amongst people, you are surrounded by a crowd, you look around, you like it all, there are people you like, the moment is good, everything seems perfect, but suddenly from some unknown corner a feeling comes and knocks you off, the feeling of numbness creeps in and rule!


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