Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why LOVE ?

Last weekend, while waiting in the lobby of a hotel, my view was captured by a piece of art adorning the wall. There of course were many other paintings but this one happened to capture my attention and I knew that the reason was more than just the contrast being added to the pastel wall by this red colored canvas.

It was portrait of a lady and the title read ” LOVE” by rebecca khan. The title obviously was thought provoking, I wondered why ‘love’ ?

The entire canvas had the basic color of red, the face was painted red, and I thought “isn’t a red face equivalent to anger?”,even the expressions on her face supported my thoughts….. tightly sealed lips, a slight frowning of brows, a penetrating gaze, everything was suggestive of anger being the dominant expression on the canvass. Still there was somthing very charming about the potrait. No doubt, anger too can be charming at times, but there definitely was something charming in a lovable way, and while thinking that my eyes noticed the white flower in her hair and white pearls in her neck and they somehow explained it all…… perhaps to persuade his lady love and dissipate the anger, someone must have have put a flower in her hair and affectionately put the pearls around her neck……..and thus even though anger was the dominant expression but love became the dominant emotion and she definitely looked like someone’s LOVE !


  1. wow...dat was quite a decoding of it was anger of love...well dat they say...u cant get angry if ur not in love

  2. Quiet a description to the painting!
    Nice one!



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