Friday, November 21, 2014

Seven Sins

the question: If you had to embody one, which of the seven deadly sins would you be --Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy or Gluttony?

I was going through the Vogue India website and stumbled upon this one and was quite an  interesting read actually... so what would your answer be?? But it was the responses that amused me more... the question was clear... 'if you had to embody' but our celebrities either were too cautious of their image or they did not get the question clearly as most of the ladies came up with 'Gluttony' as answer...they more answered it in a way as if which sin would they prefer to have... Gluttony of course sounds like one of the safest one to mention in public at least... Given a choice what would you embody.... I know what I can and which one I can't... I can't ever personify Wrath... I'm not capable of it... neither can I represent Greed that's not my cup of tea... but I know I can embody Gluttony ... I may be a tempting indulgence for never know ! and I can embody Lust with equal flair who can't you never how others see you as.... Envy of course I'm sure there are one or two in the world who for whom my synonym is Envy and I can't help that... Talking about Sloth, well I'm quite capable of it just that i keep trying hard not to walk on that line and hence would not prefer to embody it for sure...And then comes my favorite and that's Pride who even got it in the list of the seven deadly sins !! I can proudly embody pride and I have no qualms about it. Anyway it was a good read hence sharing with you guys....


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