Friday, July 23, 2010

Impossible?, I'm- possible :)

Why does being a second generation has to be such a headache... the pressure of legacy is sometimes too difficult to handle. Especially at times when in most of the cases the second generations fail to live up to the expectations and match the huge shadow of their antecedents. Though for the world, apparently, being a second genration or being one of the subsequent generations is such a lofty idea, most of the time there is this prejudice that everything comes easily, well orginized on a platter for those like us who belong to that particular group, but, only we know how difficult it becomes to do justice to that platter and how impossible it becomes to please the world (which of course isn't very receptive of new and is always reluctant to get the old overshadowed). So, I see in front of me an immensely difficult time in matching up the expectations and getting out of the shadow to create my own niche, but I'm determined and god willing I someday will. It might be difficult but it's not impossible. and as R H Schuller says... I'M-POSSIBLE :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

changed picture!

now it's a changed picture, coz I'm working on a changed ME...
but, it seems so damn difficult, the ME doesn't change easily, and I hate her for that, she keeps clinging to her old good self, while I want her to be really really mean and bad!
so, I got a gothic type of picture clicked, so that she would start feeling those horns and loose those faint rims (of course I don't claim her to be that saint to have a halo... but I do sometimes see those secretive faint rims around her trying to reach the perfection of halos)
but even this gothica type of pic isn't helping her....
oh...if I only could teach her.... THE ART OF BEING BAD !!!
and why do I need to be bad... oh I ve got hundreds and thousands of reasons....
- I want to be bad so that I would able to shout at ppl
- I want to be bad so that I can occasionally punch them too
- I want to be bad so that I can stop caring about this entire world
- I want to be bad so that I wouldnot miss those ppl who don't miss me :(


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