Sunday, January 26, 2014

the good the bad and the idlis !

 This has been one of my favorite pictures my first South India trip. I'm no good at writing a travelogue but I like clicking things that I find interesting and later on looking on all those pictures itself sums up the memory of the entire journey. So, coming back to this picture it was adorning the walls of a restaurant in Hyderabad called Kebab Theater. The place had a very interesting decor, all the walls were adorned by movie posters and the chairs too had photos of legendary bollywood characters including Mogambo and to add up to everything food was very good. Anyway am not going to talk about any particular restaurant here but the eating culture in southern part of India in a general sense. One major difference that I found was that South of India was much more cleaner than the north of the country. In my school as well as my medical school most of the teachers and students were South Indian and so was the food culture so I have always had a soft corner for that part of the country  and my first experience of the place was truly happy one simple people adn simple lifestyle is what was most attractive. I know it's not the case always but in a general sense southern part of India looks way more simple than other parts, the way they love their language, their culture, the way they are not embarrassed to walk around in lungis and eat with their hands these are all impressive trait . For now lets concentrate on the food so, their kaafi (coffee) at any place was awesome ! so was the dosa and idlis and of course and eating it all with your hands adds up to it.  here are few more pics

Sunday, January 19, 2014

let those loops hang...

While I might not agree that 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' but I have to agree that there are very few girls who don't like a bit of bling once in while. So lets admit women do have a tiny-mini soft corner for jeweleries and everyone has got that one favourite piece. I consciously never collected jewelry but at times I do like to add that extra bling when I'm getting ready and a nice piece of jewelry does catch my attention.
So now a days that I'm having some 'me' time i got to open my boxes to discover quite a collection of little pieces which have been treasured over years by me, lets not talk about gold, diamonds and other precious gems here, lets keep it to fashion jewelries here so here are some of my favourite pieces of loops 

bugs for your ears??? looks creepy but the they look awesome when you put them on 

 these turquoise ones are another favorite of mine... transparent and vibrant  it was a gift someone got for me from Turkey and it's been a treasure !

 these are the most frequently used loops of mine and these were in fact the first ever non-gold jewelry and it's been my favourite one with cream and green pearl

 some fresh flowers picked up at Pantaloons Store, India

 the above two are silver earrings which my home town ie Kathmandu excels at, in the street of Thamel there are numerous silver shops giving you a choice of varieties of silver jewelries and gems. these ones are so light and apt for everyday usage

these simple sea-shell earrings which I bought on Merina beach Chennai just for souvenir sake turned out to be quite a treasure at an insanely cheap price as they just add the uniqueness to the face whenever worn 

these are my the most favorite ones, nothing beats a desi jhumka, got these from Janpath, Delhi and can't ever get enough of them and the compliments I get every time I put them on

 a very ordinary buy on one of the street markets in Hyderabad but they looked so beautiful and vibrant when they hang down beautifully amidst the hair locks

Friday, January 17, 2014

if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches

Mood of the day is : HAPPY. CONTENT . EXCITED
These are the things a good book does to me .... and what a joy in reading such pieces of literature
" if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches"
"The Princess Bride" by Wiliam Goldman

When the year started one of my resolutions was to read and read whenever I can... so here I'm done with the first book I started this year which was just yesterday evening and I'm today. Couldn't help it if the book was so captivating that I continued reading it way past midnight. 
I'm not writing any reviews here as my I never find myself apt enough to make comments on someone else's work, and occasionally when I do write it takes me a hell lot of time to do research before I write so, it's just my feelings about the book that am pouring down here.
According to the writer he was narrated S. Morgenstern classic, The Princess Bride, when he was 10 years old and suffering from pneumonia and it became his the most favourite book of all time. Years later writer decides to give the same book as gift for his son's 10th b'day only to find later on that his son could not read the book. So Mr. Goldman disappointed picks up the book for the first time to read by himself till then all he knew about the was only through his father and later realizes that his barely literate barbar father had all those years narrated only the interesting parts of the book very cleverly and thus the writer decides to abridge it by himself and you will feel like thanking him a ton for doing that if you don't realize that there was no Morgenstern classic, no father narrating, no son getting the book for b'day but it was Goldman alone all the way !
So what does the book have in it... ask me what it does not have....
all the above words were written by the writer himself the only addition of mine is 'hope' which too is a significant part of the book. So, if you into any of the above thing go for it. U'll get a feeling of a fairy tale sort of thing meant for all ages and as I believe everyone irrespective of the age deserves a slice of fairy tale !

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

some simple pleasures of life !

So it was the first day of joblessness and I quite enjoyed it to be frank. After years of dedication to books and degrees and then landing into a job that didn't give me the satisfaction I was looking for it was a bold decision to quit. Don't know what life holds next but am sure something good will come out of it, it's just a matter of time. So, in the mean time when I've got all the time for myself I'm determined to make the most of it... so since I had ample of time I got to go through the picture library of mine and got few clicks which I felt I should share here

these are all taken from my terrace.... one of the advantage of living in a city which despite of man-made mess is naturally beautiful :) and is there anything more beautiful than nature herself ???

another random post

The winds are changing directions .....and I'm ready for a sail :)
I'm taking a risk .... perhaps one of the biggest one I ever have ... leaving all the security and comfort behind looking and walking in a direction unknown I don't know where will the path lead me but I'm looking forward to it with a heart full of hope ....
before I start walking again there is a little break and I'm determined to make the most of it and do things that I otherwise don't find time to do..... It's time to Dream some good dreams (it's been ages) , Read some good books, Paint some silly pictures........ stuffs like those are how Intend to spend coming 15 days of my life when I'll be free, lets see how much can be accomplished.... and for now here are some feel good pictures that make me smile
stuffs that we are made of
(A pic taken a one of the gardens in my city)

 A house full of books 
(picture coutesy: Femina)
This picture is a part of an article published in a magazine and this makes to top slots on my wishlist !

I told you I was hooked to these childish scribbling of mine, it's soooo fun !

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wishes !

I haven't begun the new year's diary yet.... as usual got caught up in life... but am determined to not to let it be this way for long .... because we tend to get so caught up in life that we almost forget living and it's just one life that we have got or at least one life that we know of so am not in a mood to waste it any more.... so there is only one resolution that I've and that is to live life ! so here's to life .... CHEERS ;)
 ( ps: i know this is a silly picture above but lately I'm hooked to this app called 'freshpaint' and it refreshes me .... and way better than crushing those stupid candies ! )


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