Monday, January 6, 2014

Wishes !

I haven't begun the new year's diary yet.... as usual got caught up in life... but am determined to not to let it be this way for long .... because we tend to get so caught up in life that we almost forget living and it's just one life that we have got or at least one life that we know of so am not in a mood to waste it any more.... so there is only one resolution that I've and that is to live life ! so here's to life .... CHEERS ;)
 ( ps: i know this is a silly picture above but lately I'm hooked to this app called 'freshpaint' and it refreshes me .... and way better than crushing those stupid candies ! )


  1. Happy New year to you, Anica.
    I actually liked the picture. It looks like a picture drawn by a kid brimming with innocence :D

  2. New year wishes to you as well! And thanks a bunch for passing by my blog. You made me very happy :)
    I keep reminding myself almost everyday that I should be thankful for the life that I have and living life to the fullest is the only resolution i ever make.


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