Sunday, December 18, 2011

season's greetings !

while the world is rejoicing in the holiday season..... making merry and feeling high.... life on this side seems a bit low.... well, 'low' might now be the right word, but am too tired to look for a more apt word.... am just tired, tires of the year coming and going by, and acting as a mute spectator . i too want to get in there, i too want to participate and i too want to make things happen..... it's been a lazy life..... may be not literally because i'm in too hectic a profession ..... in fact i'm into one of those which requires maximum working hours and toiling..... but somehow i feel a sense of inadequacy.... my fault !
i just want to break free for a while, i want to do things which i have always wanted to, to have those vacations i've always dreamt of, to visit those places which i always have to, to be with people i want to .....
is it too much to ask for a nice li'l break on a distant land, far from the maddening crowd, just to sip some chocolate and watch the nature change its color with every passing moment, and have a shoulder to lean on???
( well, as i'm writing this write now, at the same time my mind tells me that may be tomorrow when i get it all, i might actually be wanting what i've got right now.... that's my tragedy.... i always contradict myself! )

so, anyways,even if i don't get a vacation, even if i don't get any holiday in the holiday season, even i've to wait some more to visit those places and people.... it's still a merry season.... and i ardently believe that everyone has a secret santa.... and i've mine too who would sooner or later fill my stockings with joy and joysticks :)
 so have fun everyone.... even i'll have my share of it .... for sure in all possible way i can !
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enigma now has a Name !

Yes, it's true... it's time to shed all the masks, and embrace oneself as one is, rather than hiding behind those masks and trying to tell those half-truths, and at times the truth.
Why is animosity so lucrative?
Why do we feel more comfortable to tell the truth hiding behind those curtains, why can't we come openly and say it out and aloud on world's face?
Lack of courage???
Definitely YES!
But mostly it's not the lack of courage in facing the world, it's the fear of being our true self that holds us back. (at least in my case it has always been that way !)
why can't we accept our own self as we are.... why can't we love ourselves with all our imperfections .... Either we are ashamed or just inconfident in facing the world as we are ... thus we keep trying to make ourselves the way the world would like us to be !
I have a huge respect for people who are capable to being themselves, people who don't camouflage their thoughts, people who don't sugar quote their opinions just because we won't like them, people who have the courage to say a 'no' even if it hurts half the world.
I'm not one of them, I've always been very conscious of my image and your emotions, I don't know which one more though. Is it the fact that I would end up hurting people that keeps me sweet and semi-honest all the time, or is it the attempt of building a perfect image that makes me that way, whatever it is.... I don't like it anymore .
May be somehow i was not able to forgive myself for my mistakes, my imperfections, but, it's time now to shed that fear and shed the mask too..... it's time that I forgive myself and embrace myself with all love i am capable of showering upon.....
So ..... I'm no more an enigma to myself.... I'm Me.... and I'm happy to be this way.... and I can tell it all on your face without any fear ;)

(wish me luck!!!! :))


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