Sunday, December 18, 2011

season's greetings !

while the world is rejoicing in the holiday season..... making merry and feeling high.... life on this side seems a bit low.... well, 'low' might now be the right word, but am too tired to look for a more apt word.... am just tired, tires of the year coming and going by, and acting as a mute spectator . i too want to get in there, i too want to participate and i too want to make things happen..... it's been a lazy life..... may be not literally because i'm in too hectic a profession ..... in fact i'm into one of those which requires maximum working hours and toiling..... but somehow i feel a sense of inadequacy.... my fault !
i just want to break free for a while, i want to do things which i have always wanted to, to have those vacations i've always dreamt of, to visit those places which i always have to, to be with people i want to .....
is it too much to ask for a nice li'l break on a distant land, far from the maddening crowd, just to sip some chocolate and watch the nature change its color with every passing moment, and have a shoulder to lean on???
( well, as i'm writing this write now, at the same time my mind tells me that may be tomorrow when i get it all, i might actually be wanting what i've got right now.... that's my tragedy.... i always contradict myself! )

so, anyways,even if i don't get a vacation, even if i don't get any holiday in the holiday season, even i've to wait some more to visit those places and people.... it's still a merry season.... and i ardently believe that everyone has a secret santa.... and i've mine too who would sooner or later fill my stockings with joy and joysticks :)
 so have fun everyone.... even i'll have my share of it .... for sure in all possible way i can !
                                                             (picture courtesy: Google)

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