Monday, May 10, 2010


With that home-run for which the entire crowd applauded, he swinged the bat in the air, a lock of his big brown curls came forward carelessly on his forehead and with a smile of triumph he looked towards her direction. Her heart definitely missed a beat with that smile, that 'oh so very heart melting' smile. His smiling at her had made some onlookers look at her too, and the girl sitting by her side asked her, "is he yours?" and she answered very eagerly without being able to hide her pride "yes". Along with that 'yes' soaked in pride came a very disturbing feeling, something similar to insecurity. She noticed, how easily he was able to capture all those femme attentions. Thus, there came a pang of jealousy, what if tomorrow there comes another woman in his life, and he simply forgets her. The thought was too scary to give a continuation.

Till date she has been the only one to have all his attentions, only she has been the center of his world, as he has been hers, she thought to herself. She could so vividly recall the day when he entered her life and instantly changed the very meaning of her existence, that undoubtedly was one of the happiest day of her life. Her ears could still recall his voice when he addressed her for the very first time, has there ever been a voice sweeter n more genuine than that one, she found herself questioning silently. And of course how could she ever forget their first walk together,hand in hand, she simply smiled recalling how tenaciously she had clutched his palm in hers, as if, if she loosened the grip then he would be lost. Today when he is getting all the attentions of the world, how long would she be able to sustain that grip, how long would she be able to keep him all for herself, she knew somewhere down her heart that the answer was "not for too long". With every passing day,she will have to loosen the grip slowly and let him go, but at the same time she knew that there existed a bond so strong so special that it will always make him hers.

Lost in her thoughts, when she finally came out of her trance she noticed that the Sun was already gone, twilight spread all over, the game had ended, the crowd of the park much thinner now, the players though were still there on the ground, busy discussing there wins and losses. She walked towards them, there he stood with his back facing her,she patted on his shoulders "honey time to go home"...... "momma did you see my home run?" chuckled the 5 year old with excitement rushing through his voice.....and then his endless stories about the game continued as both of them holding hands walked towards home....he making her almost run....a HOMERUN???

happy mother's day :)

the post i know isn't a great one, but it's just a small attempt of mine to imagine the insecurities and worries of a mother. how possesive we all are about our stuffs, be it the emotional ones or even the materialistic ones, but do we ever think how difficult it's for a mother, to simply let her most precious possesion belong to the world. a life which she creates and brings to the world, she slowly lets it go, loosening all the strings of her possesiveness, she lets that life have his/her own world, and lets the world have that one life which means a world to her.


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