Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sabbatical September !

September is supposedly my sabbatical month.... not in all literal senses though, as I'm on no vacation physically or mentally, but astrology suggests that September is a month when I'm on a recuperation kind of thing. And boy I am into astrology...just for fun sake though (confession that is !) . Yes, am a Linda Goodman fan and why not she was too good at her work, and I once in while do go through the zodiac columns especially the ones that almost always suggest that life has something good coming up every month, day or week, and I'm a fierce Libra, correction there... libra is hardly fierce so call it a loyal libra. So, September is a month when I should be relaxing and assessing the year gone by and rejuvinate myself for a new personal year to begin, and the funny is that I too feel that by this time of the year I'm lazy than most of the year and by the end of this month I'm ready to put on that silk gloves over my iron hands and wave to the world fleetingly.
So, in a nutshell right now I'm plain lazy, all I want most of the time now a days is cuddle up under a soft summer blanket with a fine book in my hand and sip up the coffee kept on the bedside table, or I just want to gaze out of my window to see the rainy grey sky slowly turning into beautiful blue and welcoming kites flying high ( yes that's how autumn begins in my city and it's almost here :)) and most of the time I want to sleep dreamless without a thought on my mind. wishes they are I know.... *sigh*
Moreover there are things occupying mind and heart, issues to deal with, battles to be fought, hearts to be won, faith to be stored, challenges to be tackled, and a life to be loved !
 So, even though I'm not having a sabbatical september but I'm having my share of things even if in small doses and I'm just hoping and praying and wishing that the days will come ...the days that have so often been dreamt of prayed for... in the mean time it's still a life which is no doubt a blessing . :)
the unshakable faith i've 
isn't it such a cute one??? 
found this on internet and couldn't help sharing !
may his blessings be showered upon all of us 

the book i'm reading right now

the movie i watched yesterday night
it's worth a watch do give it a try for some beautiful performances & music with a 'feel good' story !

if you don't have a reason to smile, try finding one !
trust me I try doing that every time and it sort of helps 
a nice cup of coffee is always relaxing 

 a glimpse of september sun
the picture was taken last year in september at an hour's drive from kathmandu, it was stil on my mobile so just insta-gramized it !

and before concluding the post some words which I'm abiding by right now....
“Let yourself be drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

Sunday, September 8, 2013

a break that builds you up again....

once in while when life gets too monotonous and too tiring everyone need a break and obviously not everyone can afford it with all the time and budget constraints, but let not that hold you back, in fact let nothing hold you back if you truly want something ( that's my own personal mantra ! ). so, if you are in that kind of mental status, plan a day out to the nearest escape you can think of, fine if it's not that exotic and fine you have been there thousands of time.... sometimes you don't realize how familiarity adds to comfort... so go there to the place you have been thousands of time.... sit there without thinking a thing, watch at the crowds or buildings or sky or sun or river whatever that place has to offer, you won't need to put in your brains as it will all be so familiar.... and you can simply unwind letting your thoughts flow freely... and if you have an eye for adventure trust me you can find a new one anytime at any place you like to, remember every person and everything always has an element that can surprise you so look for that surprise, so if not much then try a restaurant in the vicinity of that place, or a local shop you have always seen but never took notice of or simply explore that street, you never know what might be in store !

recently i did a similar thing, was bored by daily routine and time constrains won't allow me to take a weekend off so, just took an afternoon off and made a visit to this very famous landmark of my city, called the Boudhanath Stupa . It lies in one of the busiest area of the city so it's not a getaway for sure, just half an drive from my house and believe me gave me all that i was looking for. irrespective of the fact that i have been there so many times before and taken almost all the relatives of mine from Nepal and India and abroad whosoever visits our city to this place, going there all by myself just fro relaxation was quite fun. It's crowded, it's bustling with life, and yet i found the peace i was looking for, so i guess you just have to look hard ;) and for the surprising element, i had never explored the handicraft shops in the vicinity as i always thought those were meant for tourists, but this time i just checked in one of the shop and it did surprise me, i got some really cool stuffs at a good bargain... the place is full of beads and mask shops and which girl doesn't like a little of bling ! so it was after all a good idea to just go to a nearby place and yet feel rejuvenated.

  here are few pics and those who want to know more about the site can go to wiki and read and there is also a documentary by BBC on seven wonders of Buddhism which includes this very stupa too... so, have a look

from a different angle

the handicraft shops in the street

isn't that cool.... and especially if you believe that fashion has no rules !

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a fresh start with a cup of nimbu chai (lemon tea)...

I've never been an early riser... but, on those few days that I manage to get myself up early , I must admit that I love the feeling... the freshness and of course the sunrise ! There are few things as beautiful as a sunrise that so easily symbolises a new beggining , whatever phase or stage of life you are at when you get to see the sun rise slowly and take over the dark sky spreading it's beautiful orange hue you know that you still have got chance to start all over again !
Anyway, so since I got up early today , I thought of taking my own sort of relaxing break for a while so watched the sunrise with a cup of nimbu chai.... yes thats my personal favourite, just for one reason because that sweet sour drink tastes almost like life. If you don't agree try it out by yourself, but i would recommend please do not go for lemon flavoured tea... rather make a usual black tea and squeez half a lemon by yourself into that and then you will realize when the aroma of lemon starts right from your finger tips.... for health conscious ones there can be variation, you can add lemon and honey to green tea and then have your drink ... good for skin and full of anti oxidants, so whichever way you like try it out once while watching your sunrise :)
and now since I've to get back to usual world, work and all that stuff so I'll just put a picture of the place from where some of the finest tea in the world come ... yes of course Dajeeling... it was taken last year, the only regret I've again is carrying my phone instead of  a proper camera.... have a good day people !


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