Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sabbatical September !

September is supposedly my sabbatical month.... not in all literal senses though, as I'm on no vacation physically or mentally, but astrology suggests that September is a month when I'm on a recuperation kind of thing. And boy I am into astrology...just for fun sake though (confession that is !) . Yes, am a Linda Goodman fan and why not she was too good at her work, and I once in while do go through the zodiac columns especially the ones that almost always suggest that life has something good coming up every month, day or week, and I'm a fierce Libra, correction there... libra is hardly fierce so call it a loyal libra. So, September is a month when I should be relaxing and assessing the year gone by and rejuvinate myself for a new personal year to begin, and the funny is that I too feel that by this time of the year I'm lazy than most of the year and by the end of this month I'm ready to put on that silk gloves over my iron hands and wave to the world fleetingly.
So, in a nutshell right now I'm plain lazy, all I want most of the time now a days is cuddle up under a soft summer blanket with a fine book in my hand and sip up the coffee kept on the bedside table, or I just want to gaze out of my window to see the rainy grey sky slowly turning into beautiful blue and welcoming kites flying high ( yes that's how autumn begins in my city and it's almost here :)) and most of the time I want to sleep dreamless without a thought on my mind. wishes they are I know.... *sigh*
Moreover there are things occupying mind and heart, issues to deal with, battles to be fought, hearts to be won, faith to be stored, challenges to be tackled, and a life to be loved !
 So, even though I'm not having a sabbatical september but I'm having my share of things even if in small doses and I'm just hoping and praying and wishing that the days will come ...the days that have so often been dreamt of prayed for... in the mean time it's still a life which is no doubt a blessing . :)
the unshakable faith i've 
isn't it such a cute one??? 
found this on internet and couldn't help sharing !
may his blessings be showered upon all of us 

the book i'm reading right now

the movie i watched yesterday night
it's worth a watch do give it a try for some beautiful performances & music with a 'feel good' story !

if you don't have a reason to smile, try finding one !
trust me I try doing that every time and it sort of helps 
a nice cup of coffee is always relaxing 

 a glimpse of september sun
the picture was taken last year in september at an hour's drive from kathmandu, it was stil on my mobile so just insta-gramized it !

and before concluding the post some words which I'm abiding by right now....
“Let yourself be drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

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