Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a fresh start with a cup of nimbu chai (lemon tea)...

I've never been an early riser... but, on those few days that I manage to get myself up early , I must admit that I love the feeling... the freshness and of course the sunrise ! There are few things as beautiful as a sunrise that so easily symbolises a new beggining , whatever phase or stage of life you are at when you get to see the sun rise slowly and take over the dark sky spreading it's beautiful orange hue you know that you still have got chance to start all over again !
Anyway, so since I got up early today , I thought of taking my own sort of relaxing break for a while so watched the sunrise with a cup of nimbu chai.... yes thats my personal favourite, just for one reason because that sweet sour drink tastes almost like life. If you don't agree try it out by yourself, but i would recommend please do not go for lemon flavoured tea... rather make a usual black tea and squeez half a lemon by yourself into that and then you will realize when the aroma of lemon starts right from your finger tips.... for health conscious ones there can be variation, you can add lemon and honey to green tea and then have your drink ... good for skin and full of anti oxidants, so whichever way you like try it out once while watching your sunrise :)
and now since I've to get back to usual world, work and all that stuff so I'll just put a picture of the place from where some of the finest tea in the world come ... yes of course Dajeeling... it was taken last year, the only regret I've again is carrying my phone instead of  a proper camera.... have a good day people !

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