Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the confession of an ordinary girl

well.. well... the title for this post is a myth... because I'm no ordinary girl... who is? yes, for all you beautiful ladies out there do you really believe you are ordinary... go and check yourself out in the mirror but then make sure you are looking at yourself with your own eyes and not from the eyes of the world  and you will see the difference.

I'm no expert but what I've found true to be for myself I'll share with you :
don't judge yourself by the advertisements in glossy and outrageously expensive magazines which are more filled with airbrushed pictures of models and actress and criminally expensive designer advertisements, even you know that you are not something that those pages of magazine describe you to be .... for example one magazine describes its reader as some agony aunt for friends, or the secret santa of office staffs etc. you know you are none of them, you are pretty much occupied by your own life and your own problems to pretend that you are someone who can tackle others' problem too.

don't be harsh to yourself because you don't look as those beautiful girls who come on those saas bahu serials or those daily sex and the city like series, you are not meant to be like them and confess it can you really walk around with layers and layers painted on your face 24x7 with those hideous jewelleries when it comes to deshi soaps and those flimsy clothes as in the international ones.

don't  look at those fashion bloggers wishfully thinking how every other girl can turn into a fashionista where as you can hardly carry yourself even on some very important occasions. don't break your head thinking where are they affording those designer labels from and those expensive cosmetics from, that's their job let them have fun with it, just the way you and me have a job and we too can have fun with it and trust me the story behind those pages are not all rosy as it seems to be.

don't be jealous of your forgotten friends on fb when they put up their vacation pictures and they look so happy  and so much in shape. fine they have a life but so do you ! have you ever known what someone thinks of you when you smile that brightly, have you ever wondered that small weekend gateway you took few months back, the pictures were exotic, even though for you it might have felt like standing in that small semi jungle thing was no big deal, but you never know your same forgotten fb friend abroad sitting in her office compartment must be going green seeing the greenery around you.

don't feel inferior to that sophisticated head turner you have at your work place, so what if every alternate person seems to have a thing for her, the way she carries herself,  her crisp sense of dressing, her in vogue hairdo, her perfect mannerism..... woman fine if you are not her, realize that you are you... it's perfectly alright to dress shabby sometimes , or dressy pretty plain most of the days because you feel comfortable that way, or your budget allows you that, it's perfectly alright to sit in a corner and crack jokes with few friends you have and not be noticed, it's alright to laugh hard when sophisticated ones only giggle, it's alright to tip off at times while wearing those uncomfortable heels, it's perfect to have the shape you have, you may not fit into  that skinny jeans but get into a saree and look at yourself in the mirror, you just don't know that days when you put in a little extra effort how many heads you turn.

 So, all I want to say is that love yourself , for who you are not for who you want to be.... it's just that you don't know that there are people who want to be you..... :)
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  1. Interesting.

    Liked the way you wrote it with references to those flashy magazines!

  2. You know, I've often debated with myself on what kind of girl I like, and most of the time, I've realized that I'll like the girl whom I am happy to see every morning with tangled hair and ruffled senses and not an ounce of artificiality. One who is comfortable in her skin, and in mine. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. one hell of a lucky girl she would be is all i can say .... cheers :)


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