Thursday, August 22, 2013

gulmohor gar tumhara naam hota

this is a belated b'day post.... if you are wondering whose ... then it's of one of the finest poets of hindi that i've read.... though i admitted i haven't read much of hindi poetry but what ever little i've read i find this poet quite exceptional.... yes Gulzar Saab is the one i'm talking of, have you ever noticed how simple and yet soul stirring are the songs he writes.... this is a very rare quality not everyone can touch the chords of your soul with words as simple as his.....  i know his discography is a huge one to even attempt to mention, and i myself being a huge fan have got my own repertoire of his songs, where i can't just list one favourite because it is impossible ... but as a tribute to him today i would like to mention a song of his here which is not as famous as his most of the songs are.... like those from movie Aandhi... is mod se jaate hain kuch sust kadsam raste.. or the one like ... mera kuch saaman tumhare pass pada hai.... or some latest numbers like ...kajrare.... but here is a song which is no less beautiful and quite addictive... simple words and yet so beautiful.... they don't say it without reason that there is always a hidden beauty in simplicity..... this song proves it.... i got introduced to this song few years back on a flight, by the time the flight landed i was s hooked to it that first thing i did after getting access to internet was to download this song  ... give it a try it's worth it !

Gulmohar gar tumhara nam hota
 Mausame gul ko hasana bhee hamara kam hota
 Aayengee bahare toh abke unhe kehna jara itna sune
 Mere gul bina kaha unka bahar nam hota
 Gulmohar gar tumhara nam hota.......
 Sham ke gulabee se aanchal me ek diya jala hai chand kaa
 Mere unn bina kaha uska chand nam hota
 Gulmohar gar tumhara nam hota......

here's the link :

ps: i personally think the videao hasn't done justice to the song so here it with your eyes closed ;)   n picture courtesy: google

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  1. Nice post.. And Gulzar Saab definitely is a living legend.. ! Yes..his birthday just went by as shown on indian idol junior..


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