Friday, August 2, 2013

flying high

a tiny-miny birdy peeps out of her nest and looks at the world outside.... today is the d-day... the day when she is to spread her wings and touch the sky... the day for which she has been trained by her folks since days... how excited everyone is to see her take the flight.... and how dearly she has been wishing for it since so often has she wondered how it would be to spread the wing wide in that infinite blue and sore higher and higher on her own.... to get up there and look at the wonders of the nature that surrounds her.... to be the in the flock of her folks and peers... most importantly to be able to feel the feeling of being self-sufficient.... if so then why is she scared ?? they are all calling her and she frightened just peeps out.... then sees her folks cheering up for her... and thus slowly hops to the ground.... and then initially takes some baby steps.... then few more hopping and then finally looks up at the sky and realizes that it's waiting for her .... and she runs.... taking up the speed .... slowly spreads her wings...lifts her feet.... and there she goes.... flying finally ...a little high....then higher ....n then higher.... spreading her wings wide.... the sun is happy today and sky painted in a happy blue with scattered whites...winds if every piece in the universe is there to cheer her up and welcome her to a new beginning .... and so she flies marveling at every sight that comes in view.... basking in the glory ...soaking in the warm sun....and spreading her wings high for journey that has just begun and has a long long way to go...... and the very thought brings smile on her face :)


  1. The adrenaline rush that comes with the first time we are free, it is amazing. We derive a kick out of it that propels us higher. Maybe it is beginners luck, but it sure feels good.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Wow.. Lovely post.. Beautifully written..!!! Keep writing..!!


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