Saturday, August 3, 2013

feel good clicks :)

I've no special talents or any specific hobby, by nature I'm a very lazy and laid back person with a variety of interests but none where I excel.... but, I'm not complaining because by now I've learnt to accept and love myself with all my imperfections... my imperfections keep me sane and human and trying too... if not to attain a perfection then at least to attain that perfect balance between perfection and imperfection.... :)
So, I was talking about my hobbies.... I have an unusual one on my list... I collect wedding cards.... well call me a mush queen, am not complaining.... since very childhood I was fascinated by romance and a wedding card for me would symbolize something very romantic.... with age I came to realize that it's not just the romance which goes into making of a wedding card.... especially in our subcontinent weddings are way more than commencement or culmination of a romance ... for us a wedding card symbolizes of course romance but along with it an approval...some promises. ... cultures....traditions....a celebration....some prayers and blessings ! so, I always felt it inappropriate to let a wedding card go into trash right from a very young age... so I started collecting them....
And I have another hobby too... that is to click all the things that I find pretty.... am no photographer at all but I click just for the beauty and the 'feel good' feeling of the subjects.... so here are some of my feel good the clicks .....


ps :  sometimes I'm my favourite subject :)  i know NARCISSIST... can't help it I'm a Sheldon-Fan ;)


  1. Sometimes, it is nice to talk about just yourself. Everyone deserves that, don't we? As for the collection, I used to collect all the 'Ganpatiji' embosses that people stick on the wedding cards. I don't know why, I never used them, they just stayed or were lost.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. hey we have got something in common then.... I too collect Ganpati... for no one makes me smile the way he does when times get rough :)... was thinking of converting my collection into pictures soon ... n thanks to you for reading all my blabbers... it's good to have you here... Cheers...:)

  3. Nice post.. Even I liked to collect wedding cards.. Some of them are at my moms place.. Your post reminds me of my old collection,. Somehow later I did not find time for this hobby..nice pics.. Looking forward to your next post..!


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