Saturday, August 17, 2013

nature talks....

one thing i look forward while on a health camp is the surrounding areas, for the reason that the camps are usually organized in rural areas and as expected these areas are still far for hustle bustle and pollution of the city life..... where the pristine beauty of nature is still preserved in its nascent form.... so here is a click from today's health camp... wishing that i was carrying a better camera rather than just my phone....


  1. My parents would tell me to look how the roofs of each place were different, I cannot help but notice them here too :)

  2. Woww you are surrounded by nature's awesomeness! :)

  3. Yes that's true.. What better way to have glimpse of nature and having a health camp at such a place.. Nice click.. New to your blog.. I am so glad that being a doctor you find out time to write.. Following you right away..! Keep writing.,!

  4. hey thanks ppl :) glad that you guys like these casually taken pictures...and @blasphemous aesthete : that is quite an amusing thing to notice roofs of each place... one of my friends used to tell me to notice everyone's nose saying how different it was for everyone :)n @priya : welcome to the blog... glad you liked it enough for following it... I have not been very regular one but am trying to be a li'l frequent now a days since am done with my residency recently so luxuries of no more being a student i should say !


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