Sunday, August 4, 2013

glad that they happened :)

With age and with time your world changes and so do people around you… meaning of words like friendship changes too… at one time the girl who shared her chocolates with you was your best friend, at one time the boy sitting next to your desk was your best friend, then at a certain age the girl whom you shared all the secrets with was your truest friend ever, then the bunch you blended with was group of the best buddies you ever had, then person who could think just like you was your precious possession, then the person you could hug and weep your heart out was your soul sister...and so the list goes on… people have come…been there … made an impression… had a good time… some have stayed…some drifted away… but no matter what or where they are… you know that they have enriched your life in some way or the other… all of them… you may not say it often or ever but you know that you at times think of each of them fondly… and you are so thankful that ‘they happened to you’ … Happy Friendship Day people !!

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