Wednesday, January 15, 2014

another random post

The winds are changing directions .....and I'm ready for a sail :)
I'm taking a risk .... perhaps one of the biggest one I ever have ... leaving all the security and comfort behind looking and walking in a direction unknown I don't know where will the path lead me but I'm looking forward to it with a heart full of hope ....
before I start walking again there is a little break and I'm determined to make the most of it and do things that I otherwise don't find time to do..... It's time to Dream some good dreams (it's been ages) , Read some good books, Paint some silly pictures........ stuffs like those are how Intend to spend coming 15 days of my life when I'll be free, lets see how much can be accomplished.... and for now here are some feel good pictures that make me smile
stuffs that we are made of
(A pic taken a one of the gardens in my city)

 A house full of books 
(picture coutesy: Femina)
This picture is a part of an article published in a magazine and this makes to top slots on my wishlist !

I told you I was hooked to these childish scribbling of mine, it's soooo fun !

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