Sunday, January 26, 2014

the good the bad and the idlis !

 This has been one of my favorite pictures my first South India trip. I'm no good at writing a travelogue but I like clicking things that I find interesting and later on looking on all those pictures itself sums up the memory of the entire journey. So, coming back to this picture it was adorning the walls of a restaurant in Hyderabad called Kebab Theater. The place had a very interesting decor, all the walls were adorned by movie posters and the chairs too had photos of legendary bollywood characters including Mogambo and to add up to everything food was very good. Anyway am not going to talk about any particular restaurant here but the eating culture in southern part of India in a general sense. One major difference that I found was that South of India was much more cleaner than the north of the country. In my school as well as my medical school most of the teachers and students were South Indian and so was the food culture so I have always had a soft corner for that part of the country  and my first experience of the place was truly happy one simple people adn simple lifestyle is what was most attractive. I know it's not the case always but in a general sense southern part of India looks way more simple than other parts, the way they love their language, their culture, the way they are not embarrassed to walk around in lungis and eat with their hands these are all impressive trait . For now lets concentrate on the food so, their kaafi (coffee) at any place was awesome ! so was the dosa and idlis and of course and eating it all with your hands adds up to it.  here are few more pics

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  1. glad that your trip to the south was good and nice to read you have a positive view of the southern part. I myself live in the south though I am a north Indian and while I do miss my people and all the familiarity, I have realized that the south is not at all a bad place to live in. People are very friendly and simple and the food is healthier than that of the north.


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