Wednesday, July 14, 2010

changed picture!

now it's a changed picture, coz I'm working on a changed ME...
but, it seems so damn difficult, the ME doesn't change easily, and I hate her for that, she keeps clinging to her old good self, while I want her to be really really mean and bad!
so, I got a gothic type of picture clicked, so that she would start feeling those horns and loose those faint rims (of course I don't claim her to be that saint to have a halo... but I do sometimes see those secretive faint rims around her trying to reach the perfection of halos)
but even this gothica type of pic isn't helping her....
oh...if I only could teach her.... THE ART OF BEING BAD !!!
and why do I need to be bad... oh I ve got hundreds and thousands of reasons....
- I want to be bad so that I would able to shout at ppl
- I want to be bad so that I can occasionally punch them too
- I want to be bad so that I can stop caring about this entire world
- I want to be bad so that I wouldnot miss those ppl who don't miss me :(


  1. Being bad comes naturally. :P

    btw, the pic is good ;)

  2. yeah may be that's y i'm missing my natural self :(
    nd for pic :)

  3. Its tough to be bad... for me atleast.


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