Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On A Woman's Mind....

What women want?

Has there been a tougher question than this one ? Especially for the the so called stronger gender? Very often I see this question popping out from men's mouth accompanied by all possible form of expressions that is known to to the man kind.

A frustrated "what do women want?", an awed "what women want?" , a loved "what women want?", a bewildered "what women want?" and sometimes a very genuine "what do women want?"

Too difficult a question, huh?

In fact, I too never had thought of it, till today when I asked my inner self, "what do I want?"

I had a doubt when I read this question for the first time, as to, will I have an answer, but surprisingly when I placed the question to myself, I was quite quick. Though, not very confident initially, but, when I analyzed my answer it came out to be so very true, at least for me!

So, what women want?

According to me, Love and Loyalty would sum up the entire answer.

Now, I know, at first look people would hardly agree to me, because apparently the needs may vary according to age, society, relationship and individual nature. Obviously you can't expect a thirteen old, a thirty year old and a sixty year old to have similar things on mind, or , a daughter, a wife or a mother to have similar expectations. But, that is what the beauty of these two words, love and loyalty is, that when seen in a broader sense these two things would be able to sum up everything. Well, I'm not counting materialistic things over here, for the simple reason that they are secondary, and when the primary needs are handled well secondaries either just follow them or become insignificant in their own ways.

Coming back to Love and Loyalty, how would these two words represent an entire array of needs and desires a woman's mind possesses, despite the differences of age, society and individuality?

Well, first lets see it relationship wise, love is all what a daughter, a sister,a friend, a lover, a wife and a mother a wants from her respective relations. Love in itself is such a vast emotion that it includes everything, be it understanding, care,respect, sympathy, friendship,or any other positive emotion, love can definitely act as a mother of all other positive emotions. So, the other person ,irrespective of whatever role he/she is playing in a woman's life, when loves a woman, he or she will obviously try his/her best to understand her, will have respect for her, will look after her needs and care for her in the best possible way. And the loyalty would make the person have faith in her and stand by her side through thick and thin, for better and for worse. These two things will give her everything, the love she can't do without, the security she needs, the freedom she desires for, and at the same time the rock strong support she silently wishes for. What else would a woman, or, as a matter of fact, any other living being on the earth would want?

Interestingly, these are the two things a woman wants from her own self too. A little bit of love for everything that her wonderful self is, and loyalty towards her own dreams that she carries in those starry eyes, in her soft heart, on that strong mind and within that accomplished soul.

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celebrating womanhood

celebrating womanhood


  1. Wow.. that is a good article.. while I believe Love and Loyalty to be a part of the answer.. there's certainly more to it.. ;)

    co-incidentally, I was watching good ol' Dexter's Lab today and he said to DEE DEE, "what do you want, woman?" :P

    good post. :)

  2. Saad, frankly speaking, luking back at the article i am thinking i should throw it into recycle bin and make a new list coz, there is definitely much more on my mind....lol n thnx for reminding dexter n dee dee it's been a while since i caught a glimpse of em', seems like an yester year thing..:)

  3. Yep. I told you there's certainly more to it. 23yrs are enough to know atleast the volume of things on a woman's mind, I suppose. :)

    You don't need to trash it to Recycle Bin, the post is too good to do that. Instead edit this itself. I'm eager to see what other than love and loyalty makes its way into your list. ;)


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