Thursday, August 5, 2010

raining memories......

The  sky, at times, along with rain pours down memories too....
like it's pouring right now.... the sound of rain is tearing apart the silence of the serene evening... and it's definitely flooding memories in my mind........ I think of many things some forgotten ones and some not forgotten ones, some seem to be at quite a distance... either they look vague or it might be my vision which is disturbed, and then there are some which are crystal clear, I feel I can almost touch the moment...
here are somthing I'm thinking of....

a tiny li'l girl in yellow frock and shabby hair, kneeling there on the veranda of her grandma's house and trying to make a boat out of the freshly torn page of her notebook,a boat that would row in the small stream flowing in the backyard by the virtue of the heavy rain. so the boat is finally  ready, it's a li'l hunched like the childish handwriting of hers on the paper and she frowns on the idea that it won't flow now.... but bingoooo!!! the boat really does exceptionally well despite being jittery...:D
 ( an after thought- though the girl grew up but her handwriting remains the same.... hunched and childish...:( and paper boats have become a luxury...  )

a girl, fresh in her teens, looks out from the window of her classroom, simply forgetting that there exist a subject called mathematics,which is being taught right now, and she gets lost in the nostalgia of the rainy afternoon and wait.... did she just see that guy with specs, sitting there on the 2nd row of her class, standing out there in rain and smiling at her..... she looks towards the 2nd row.... no he is engrossed in maths...:) (cupid's first arrow gives the most silliest and cutest feeling to anyone in the world...that's a universal truth!!! )

a girl runs wildly behind a guy in one of the most busy streets of the city under the pouring sky, half praying that it be 'him', and half praying that he should not be 'him'.... and at last just to find that it was not him, and she silently thanks heaven for the rain coz she is so ashamed to show her tears to the world
( love and happiness obviously are not synonymous.... wonder what makes us take so long to understand such a simple thing *sigh* )

a bunch of carefree lasses get out on the field adjoining their hostel to pick up the stones that were just thrown down from the sky along with the rain.... and it starts pouring once again.... and these euphoric souls dance there in the rain, without caring about anything else in the world, without any audience,without any music...afterall not always one needs music to dance : p 
( the joys of friendship can come in any form , in any way, there simply isn't any measure or rule for it :) )

a girl and a boy sit together on the stairs and hear the sky pouring it's heart out, hardly it rains the way it is raining now, and perhaps both of them are thinking the same thing silently.... this is their first rainy season together in fact their first ever season together, and it's perhaps their last rain together too :)... they click a pic... both a li'l wet ... a li'l sad... yet smiling a lot .... there is nothing to say, nothing to ask for, nothing to promise, nothing to forget, nothing to look forward to... they still are laughing at each others silly jokes and talking about tomorrow which they know are separate ones for them.... at last they shake hand and manage a gudbye ...though eyes are a li'l wet and heart a li'l heavy... but, for some reason there is a warmth in the heart and a smile on the face...
 (sometimes it's better to smile and thank god for all that he has given, rather than to frown and ask him for what he has not given :) )

it's raining outside, it's the darkest hour of the night and those eyes still lay awake..... sleep just won't come... and then the memories capture the place of dreams..... she starts thinks of all the good times, and those not so good ones too, she recalls each of her mistakes, she fears her future and she wishes that life was a li'l less a mess than it is now.... the thunders are striking each and every chord of her heart and soul.... and all the painful ones... she looks up just to see if God is looking back at her ... and she cries..... she cries like never before........( why do we keep forgetting one simple rule of nature... the darkest hours are the one before the dawn )

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