Wednesday, September 15, 2010

here I'm this is Me

Yes... here I'm...
I thought of eluding from my ownself....infact, I've been trying to do that for quite a while... but ...tsk tsk... didnot succeed.... and thankfully not, I guess.
I thought putting up a mask will help me be more true, and more me.....
but, somehow things aren't as easy as we always expect them to be.
I thought it was a good idea to hide behind the mask, and then talk to not only myself but to the world too, but sadly, neither did I find the world listening to me, nor did I myself paid any attention to my own words, and then I realized it's better to be myself and speak what I feel bravely, rather than try to camouflag myself and continue the act of cowrdice.
so, from now on I would try being true to myself.... the task seems very difficult but is there anything impossible for a willing soul?
least I can do is that I can try to be all things that I want to be .... atleast I will succeed at some, or least I'll go to bed with a satisfaction that i tried...:)
(this is for people who don't know who I'm... and this is for myself to affirm once again that I <3 me )

ps- call me narcist, I don't mind ! : p


  1. Love the colors and your blog..super duper..:)

  2. hey... thanks for dropping by...n liking the blog :)

  3. ur face defines your pen name - enigma!

  4. hey...goodbye frm he anonymous world now....coz u nw hav a face to go with...well as soon as u can feel confident to let go of ur mask...its better....for us...we still need the mask a bit longer

  5. being true to ur self...its takes loads of efforts..and yeah blog is too colorful, liked it a lot... :)

    My SPacE- Wen i was a boy

  6. Well, yeah.. letting go off your mask is something one has to do someday.. Even Iron Man did away with it.. ;)

    and you can very well still be enigmatic though your readers will try to unveil it.. :)

    Congratulations! :)

  7. @pulkit- well i must take it as a compliment :)
    @buckingfastard- dunno whether 'the sooner the better' policy applies or not... but smhw i was feeling unable to connect to myself wid that mask on...hope nw i'll be able to achieve wht i wanted to, without any mask on ...

  8. @unruly rebel - hey thnx for dropping by n keep visiting ;)
    @saad- :)thnx ... n yeah just hoping that i'll still have some readers!!!

  9. You'll definitely have.. I guess this might lengthen your list of readers infact.. :P

  10. Be yourself, and readers are aplenty abound. You'll always have them if you want them. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. "is there anything impossible for a willing soul?"
    You yourself said it :)

    P.S: 1. love the tagline of your blog.... and enjoying your writes....:)
    2. *Narcissist :D

  12. Ok, even narcist means the same :D

  13. Be yourself. Enigmatic that is.

    Likes the feel of your blog.
    Following you.

    DO have a quick peek on my blog if you get chance..


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