Sunday, February 13, 2011

cute children and cornea

cute children and their cornea.... if you are wonderinmg what am i talking about then, it's my thesis topic i'm talking about , yes... i'm kind of excited .... mostly because of the age group i'm going to deal :)

and not only departed MJ but we all love kids.... don't we???
and their cornea.... now those of you who are wondering what cornea is ....

and now why is this important .... because do u all know 1.5 million children of the world are blind, and each minute one child goes blind somewhere in the world, and the indian subcontinent and sub-saharan countries are worst affected by corneal blindness..... and 60% of the blind kids die before 5 yrs of age
( data source WHO)
so isn't it a nobel topic to work on???

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