Saturday, November 10, 2012

gud old blue

gud mornin ppl,
on this side mornings have always been about work, and even on saturdays stuck with loads with work .... thesis writing is making me mad..... i loose it ... and then i again try catching a hold of it.... again loose it.... it seems like vicious cycle .... but hoping to get it done ASAP !
creativity is just drained out .... no creative juice to flow.... am at a point where i have started questioning myself whether i had it at the first place to begin with it..... anyways it's all side effect of the thesis writing. thankfully the man upstairs is ever so creative and is always creating new colors in the nature, i happened to capture some while i was on a field visit in the outskirts of the valley.... amazing blue sky.... have a look :)


  1. Perhaps the beautiful scenery will motivate you to go on and on :-)

  2. @ Green Speck.... i truly hope so.... nd btw... i like ur name :)

    1. It's just my blogging name, not my real name :-P


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