Saturday, March 29, 2014

out of the comfort zone !

I finally gathered the courage to move out of my comfort zone.... and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's definitely different but not that difficult and even if it is difficult at times you always have the option to adapt or to stop. So, life has changed quite a bit. From rush of a metro to quiet countryside, from air conditioned vehicles to the good old rickshaw, from a beautiful valley to a scorching plane, from the comforts of home to a lonely corner.... things have changed but I know it's just a phase and most importantly it's what I chose for myself.... it must have been the biggest risk I've taken till date and a first major independent decision too and I just hope it works out. The wise must have had experienced something to say that the biggest risk in life is not to take one... so here am I starting with one.
My morning starts with a cup of tea, I prepare my own breakfast, I manage the lunch on my own, I see almost a hundred patient a day without even knowing their language still I manage exchanging smiles and joke with them, I cook, I clean, I work I work insanely, I keep myself busy enough and hardly get a 'me-time', I'm making friends, I'm overcoming fears, I'm challenging myself everyday for something new sometimes I achieve that, sometimes I keep trying and quietly say myself "if not today then tomorrow", I'm stretching my limits and I'm trying them too, I know my imperfections better now and I rejoice in being the mess that I sometimes am. For now it may not be the perfect life but for this perfect moment it is the kind of life I should living !
this is the cup that starts my day!

the view from my balcony  !

a DIY thing to pass the leisure  TV-less hours

something that keeps me going !

a mess that I'm!!


  1. hey you look cute there with the messy hair :) I am glad you are liking the change. You are a brave girl.I hope I get the courage to stop procrastinating and start doing (even planning for a start) the plethora of things that occupy my mind. My worst nightmare is to look back in my life 10 years from now and find one full of regrets.

  2. AniCa,
    Not sure how I stumble upon your blog, but is interesting...I will take a while to read through and I usually don't comment , unless I have read in detail .....that said , you triggered a thought for the day ....Is the "Me" time really , time with our own self or is it occupied with memories , fears , hopes which are wrapped under a unseen blanket called "no one can see"...or is "Me" time when we really can open our heart and pretend to be no one else...


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