Saturday, August 30, 2014

the ever changing sky !!

there are few things as good as gazing upon a beautiful sky and it's changing colors.... I do that a lot and it never stops to awe me, sometimes with its different hues, sometimes with the shape the clouds take, sometimes with the twinkling of stars and sometimes with the hide and seek that sun and moon play, it's a kaleidoscope reflecting various colors of life... and mostly reflecting what you are seeking so, next time look up with happiness and gratitude and it will be reflected back .....

 this is a picture taken of october sky over kathmandu, the clouds taking a heart shape with the moon in vicinity  ( isn't that beautiful ) 

part of thursday challenege ( )   

1 comment:

  1. I am also in deep awe of the constantly changing colors of the sky and the beautiful paintings that appear and disappear on its canvas made by the floating clouds and the sky light :)
    What a wonderful moment you captured! *claps*


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