Sunday, February 28, 2010

simple joys of life....

Sometimes I simply wonder at these simple joys of life. It's amazing how these small things have the dexterity to fill life with simple unadulterated pleasures. Ah the simple things of life.....!

Simple things like a morning dream which just doesn't let you open your eyes. Even if your mind rings the alarm, and your subconscious mind which was the source of the dream finishes the night duty and goes for a nap, you forcefully shut your eyes and wish the dream to continue for a little more time. At times your fully conscious mind even manages to imagine a sequel to the dream, and at last when you reluctantly lift your lids with a smile on your face, you find the morning to be one of the most beautiful ones.

Wonders these mysterious phenomenon called dreams can do.....all of sudden they can bring in your vision a face from a fading memory, which you haven't seen for months, or sometimes even years. And now it's so vividly in front of your eyes, you can notice the minutest details, the shine in those eyes, the tilt of those lips, that tiny scar on the brow, you can hear your name being called in that particular voice again, and sometimes you can even smell the so very familiar intoxicating smell which many a times you have consciously craved for but never found a similar one. You enjoy every bit of it, you cherish every moment, you savour the beauty of that dream.

Who would like all this to end? but all good things have to come to an end.... but they leave us with a renewed memory of moments which actually never existed but still were capable enough to beautify your morning ....:)

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