Thursday, March 18, 2010

an unfulfilled wish....

Life always can't move in the direction we want it to, and sometimes it's good that it doesn't . Afterall,we aren't always good at forseeing things in the right way, are we? So, sometimes I just give up and let my wishes go unfulfilled, thinking that may be it's the best fate for them to remain this way.

All that we wish for isn't meant for us to have,some wishes better remain unfulfilled. They are meant to be treasured in our heart safely, and the sweet bitter pain they cause once in a while is worth savouring. Not always the beauty lies in acheiving, sometimes it also is beatiful enough to just feel.The feeling itself is so warm and fulfilling that we won't need any further addition to that.

You know what's the charm of an unfulfilled wish???....

When a wish doesn't come true, it doesn't come to an end, unlike all other good things in life. It remains there. It remains there, in our heart as a wish.... which, we sometimes sigh upon, sometimes smile upon, and at times cry upon. It's one of the most loyal things we come across in life, very few things in life fulfill the promise "till death do we part"..... a longing wish fulfills that promise beautifully. It remains there close to our heart like the sacred cross and faithfully accompanies us to the grave.

An Unfulfilled Wish....


  1. maybe its dose unfulfilled wishes dat gives us a reasons....if wishes turnd reality...wud livin be half as fun!!

  2. definitely, they have got their own charm, their lure is resistless...


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