Monday, March 29, 2010

things to try before I die.......

I'm an ardent fan of Travel & Living, the major share of the time I spend on the idiot box goes to this very channel. They keep repeating this program, '100 things to try before you die', and the title always makes me ponder upon my own list of things I would like to try before I wave the final gudbye.
Well, I'm very sure the list would undergo various modifictaions by the time i reach the death bed, but for now before i retire for the bed tonight, what would the five things I would like to try at this very moment, before saying goodbye to this day of life which obviously won't ever return. So, here goes the list ..... and let me make it very clear I'm not an sporty soul, so there won't be any bungee jumping, or wild raftings.

1) Would love to take a stroll in the streets of the most romantic city in world, Paris of course I'm talking about,  all alone with just my thoughts of those wonderful people and emotions that make my life so lovely. Rediscovering the romanticism in me...... J'adore Paris!!!

2) Would really like to get drunk and pass out completely (yes, you did read it write, I've never been drunk before). An attempt to forget myself for a moment, if I can!

3) Would like to go on a date with someone who would sing Elvis Costello's 'SHE' for me.... *wishful sigh* (c'mon every girl has a right to feel like Julia Roberts at least once in a life time !)

4) Would like to simply sit under the sky, with a friend and go on mindlessly blabbering  about everything and anything that exists under the moon, till the moon finally makes a way for the sun.... :)

5) Would like to be at the banks of Ganges in Varanasi and observe how faith trascends the mortal limitations and merges with the supremacy. Searching for my own personal Enlightenment .

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  1. well, i guess its just same for every gal, dey want to get drunk(just once i must insist), dey all have a song( dey have a fantasy attached to it), they want to be under romantic sky blabbering ( i guess thats what they usually do), sory for being blunt.. nice post indeed... :)

    My SPacE- Wen i was a boy


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