Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Make-Over

Well, those few of you, who occasionally stumble upon this relatively invisible blog of mine, must have noticed by now, that the page has gone a make-over. No great reason behind it,other than a need I felt, for going for a make-over my entire self. Ah, not look wise, in that sphere I'm quite content by the way the ingenious engineer sitting up there designed me ( though other people might not agree with me, in fact i remember my mom suggesting me once to go for a nose job !, but nevertheless am happy with it, not everyone on the earth be Cleopatra or say Elizabeth taylor, Penelope Cruz or our very own Aishwarya Rai, or else they too would loose their value, isn't it?) Anyway, now am getting too carried away I guess. So, looks aren't my concern right now, the thing I really want right now is a make-over on mental and emotional front. Well, I don't have an ugly soul for sure, or a dirty mind, but somewhere amidst this fast paced world, in order to adapt and survive, I feel I've been loosing myself. I guess, this happens to all of us, at some or the other point of time. Let me make it very clear, I'm not talking about changes, I completely agree with Bhagvad Gita when it states that "change is the rule of nature", so, I find it very natural for people to change with time and according to circumstances, and sometimes even without any apparent reason. But there stands a thin line between 'change' and 'loss', at least when we are talking about abstract aspects of life and not the materialistic world, and many a times we tend to cross the line without much of notice. Lately I've realized that I too have been crossing that line very conviniently and unobtrusively, loosing parts of me all the way, rather than just modifying myself for the sake of adaptation. And one day, all of sudden, when I look into the mirror i start wonder who the camouflaged being in the mirror is. Don't know where exactly and when did it happen, but i surely have lost parts of me, parts of me which were dear and most importantly they constituted to the real ME . So, now i want to make-up for that, and on a whole I want a  make-over.

The entire idea is, to retrieve my true old self and blend it with the new and the good things that I've learnt along the way. For eg, I feel I used to be such an innocent should when a kid (all of us were), and now the process of growing up has snatched away that innocent streak and rendered me a little too much worldly and selfish, and now i dislike myselft for being this way, and i would like to have some old part of me again within me. So, retrieving my old self doesn't mean that I will start unlearning the things I've learnt while growing up, or I'll erase my memories and experiences, that's not possible. But there is something i can do..... I can weed out the negatives that I've come across, I can wash out the dirt  that has settled upon my nature, I can airbrush the blemishes I've inculcated through out the journey and that even if doesn't give me back my original self, will at least give me a proper reflection of my pure self and I'll be happy. Then to that reflection of the real 'me', I'll do some making up. Makeup with my new experiences, my ever growing knowledge, my new skills, and then add a dash of those special qualities that God has blessed me with ( he does that for everyone of us), and then the result will be a new 'me' with the same good old core.
So, the make-over is complete, tomorrow will be a new day, a new 'me', who would be changed but not lost. There will be a new spirit and a new confidence to face the world, and a new outlook towards life, and for the world, there will be a better ME...:)

p.s.- it wasn't for no reason that a great personality said "everything alters me, but nothing changes me"

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