Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Empty Me

As I get bored with working on this beautiful silent saturday morning (which actually happens to be the only off day I get every week) for a break I log on to this blog, go across the blogroll, and find some wonderful wonderful pieces to read through, and I wonder where have I lost myself ?
There was a time when writing used to be my passion, my diary never seemed to have enough of space to fill my words and thoughts, and now I see a beautiful covered diary kept at a corner of my table, staring back at me almost like a abandoned lover looking at me with teary eyes silently asking the question "why don't you touch me anymore?" I feel a pang of guilt inside me, for leaving all those beautiful pages empty.... do they reflect my own emptiness, that unfulfilled void ?
I should admite 'Yes' thats what those empty pages of diary, that's what those unwritten posts reflect -
 An Empty Me.
And on ending note I have to confess one more thing to my diary "Dear diary, it isn't you I've abandoned, It's Me"


  1. its like u have poured my feelings in ur blog..
    beautifull write ups..keep writing..really awesome,beautifull..
    "dear diary it isn't not you, i have abandoned,it's me"

  2. hey insominac, thanks for appreciation... n keep dropping by

  3. beautiful covered diary......almost like a abandoned lover looking at me with teary eyes silently asking the question "why don't you touch me anymore?"

    haha...i laughed out at dis one....

    The ending was awesome...very touching....keep writing....i am loving your posts..

  4. @animesh: glad that my post made some one LOL... :) and thanks a ton for liking, finally some motivations coming around to keep me writing :)


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