Saturday, April 30, 2011

what a day to wake up to.....

What a day to wake up to... is what I told to myself as soon as I got up this morning
It's weekend so morning obviously has to start a bit late..... but, this was like waking up in the night again, outside was so dark that it was practically impossible to believe that it was already 8 in the morning, I rechecked my watch read the same again, then to confirm I quickly glanced over the wall in front of me where there was the Africa-shaped clock and the pointer was pointing towards the head of lion that told me... yes it was actually eight in the morning only to make me pull off the curtains and peep out of my window again realizing that it were clouds conquering the sky By the time I got out of  the bed and got my cup of tea it was only thunders I could hears, flashes so frequent that it felt like being over a red carpet stuck in a paparazzi storm, and thunders so loud that I actually was tempted to believe that the world perhaps is really coming to an end.
Anyway, it's a day off and though I might be having a zillion thing on my to do list,but i am not going to lose this moment for anything, I need to sit, take some time off, throw off my burdens for a while and just sip the tea slowly and enjoy all the performances the nature is putting up...

a slice of today's ktm- morning ....

ps-we know how the world today is, we are so caught up in our lives and in our world,  straightening our mess, that we have almost forgotten that there exist some beautiful things in our lives which are quite capable of giving simple unadulterated pleasures, those may not be big things, and may not give give those big kicks, but just for a moment stop and stare around you, nature keeps doing wonder, atleast give it a smile back so that it will remain motivated keep spreading its magic and we would continue to have atleast one reason to smile upon each day....

Have a Good Day :)


  1. It rained here yesterday, and the day before and it was bliss. True that the life is busy, and we seldom get some time off... but now and then nature just reminds us how carefree we can be, like the pouring rain, or the intermittent thunder flash.
    Like just now while I was preparing to go to bed (or had planned to), I heard a crow. Now why would a crow caw at night. Maybe he's having a tough time sleeping, or has a busy life too :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. hmm... interesting insomniac crow.... and here i was thinking ... it's only us who are sleep deprived..;)

  3. Refreshing! I remember one Wayne Dyer's quote -

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed"

  4. Interesting!!!
    Somehow, rains always have a very strong effect on me, even if they are mentioned in posts. I get so refreshed even reading about them :D
    Nice one.
    P.S: The click is awesome

  5. hey ppl, thanks for dropping by and liking the post :)


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