Friday, June 10, 2011

the crab clutching my toe

there are moments when nothing else but restlessness surrounds, dominates and rules!
however hard you may try to concentrate, however hard you may try to shift your attention , however hard you may pray to find a solace, it doesn't work. that creepy thing doesn't let you go..... it's like a crab whose claws are holding your toe tight.... very hush, you run, you try shake it off.... but it's still there, clinging to you as if its life depends on your very toe.... and then u start feeling that dull nagging pain..... and then you notice some blood too....and amidst all the mess it's making, it's still there happily sticking to you..... you try fight it initially but then later you give up.... you give up and let it be..... you get accustomed to that dull ache, which by now you are so used to, you secretly start enjoying it, and then there you realize all of a sudden that you have found your solace...the pain.... you no more register the crab that's causing the pain, all you are focused on is that nagging dull ache.... and thus the mighty restlessness dissolves ........


  1. It isn't really a remedy, it's just a distraction. The whole scenario would seem to be a distraction if we come to think of it, a distraction to get our attention from some other distraction. Argh, I'm making no sense. :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. haha... I was wondering whether I made any sense in the above post.... and here you are.... complaining the same about yourself.... don't bother, one of the most interesting lessons that I've learnt in life is that nonsense are way more fun than things making sense (most of the time atleast) so Cheers ;)

  3. well they say..wen ur in quicksand...dont struggle...just get used to it and stay calm...though in both case u will drown...but more slowly now :P

  4. @bf- ya i'm getting drowned bit by bit, slowly it's engulfing me... :)


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