Thursday, September 8, 2011

lights of faith....

I am from a city which is also at times reffered as 'city of a thousand Gods'
and truly so...
every street here has got its own God.
I've this peculiar habit of walking in own city as a tourist at times...
trust me it's fun !
It helps you to percieve things with a different angle,
it helps you notice those small things with you so easily miss and overlook,
and helps you appericiate things which you would not have as a native....
try it out sometimes ;)
So at times, when I behave like a tourist I like to capture the moments in my cam,
not great with photography though,
but, I simply love clicking :)
So here's the first one in the series... capturing 'the lights of faith'

ps- if you are wondering which city am I talking about.... it's Kathmandu :)


  1. Skill does not matter when things are done for fun :)

    Wonderful clicks.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. I loved that notion. Being a tourist in your own city. Totally, going to play with this.
    Those are lights of hope and trust :)


  3. thanks both of u... :) it's really nice to have u guys here... otherwise it would have been a lonely planet ! lolz... keep talking ;)


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