Sunday, September 4, 2011

the taste of cigarrete !

the balcony had a dim yellow light coming from the dimly lighten room, at a good distance up above in the sky was the crescent moon with a single star in it's vicinty, looking down at both of them. november night was chilling and windy enough to ruffle her shoulder length mane, as she stood there in her oversized pulover and pajamas. he was stading just next to her, but in a posture as if he alone existed in the world and there was no one else by his side, the only thing giving an indication that he was aware of her presence was,his deliberate effort to blow the smoke of his cigarette on the side opposite to where she was standing. both of them stood silently. together yet apart, lost in their own worlds. the only thing making him aware of her presence by his side was the soft smell of freshly washed hair, which was still moist. for her the smell was a li'l stronger one, nicotine was the flavour for her, and wondering by herself, she asked "how does it taste?", he gave her a queer look, and something caught his attention, her face looked pale in that dim yellow light but it was her eyes that were encapturing, her eyes were as dark as the color of her hair, her curled lashes formed a beautiful shadow over the apple of her cheeks, his mind subconsciously wondered, whether it was really the first time when he was noticing this. "how does it taste?", she asked again, he smiled , in very his way ( a slight lift of only the left corner of the lips, was his way), and brought his fag holding fingers near her lips and said "here have one by yourself, you would come to know", she simply turned her face to other side and he gave a soft teasing laugh......"not meant for soft ones like you" he said, and suddenly found her turning towards him, bringing herself very close to him, she said "i've got a better way to taste it" and before he could breath in, her lips were on his............. his hand dropped the burning butt, his footwear stamping and extinguishing it, and his hands finally getting into the thick matt of her hair.... it felt as if ages passed before they broke free, and all they could do after breaking free was, give a nervous laugh to each other. finally he broke the silence,"was that our first kiss?", she looked at him quizzically "nay, it was just my first taste of a cigarrete",she said with a teasing smile
ps- this is my 100th post, and i've reposted a previous one.... don't ask me why.... just a celebration to a landmark :)


  1. A big thank you for reposting the post. Women, you never know what tricks they can conjure.
    It's a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. thanks for all the praises...seems u r the only one who still visits this blog.... not that i'm complaining ... on contrary i'm complimenting... that u ve been quite an encouragement :)n yes, it was 100th n there will be many more ... :) thanks dude... thanks for being the only one to read n respond to my blabberings, which in recents times have been li'l difficult ones. Cheers :)

  3. I am bought on this blog o_O
    What a treat!
    Expect a stalker ahead :|


  4. @aakash... well then, WELCOME is all i can say ;)


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