Saturday, January 26, 2013

a page from the history book

"As I sit here alone amidst all this hustle bustle in this architectural wonder, in a city which is thousands of mile away from a place i call home, I wonder where I belong to...... I call that place my home but I don't belong there, I suddenly realize that I've had no sense of belonging to any place or person till date. I love the places I've lived in, I love the people I live with am very much a part of their lands and lives as they are mine, but I don't belong to them. I belong to none.
I take a look around me and see people busy in their lives, a group sitting over there chatting away happily, a flock gathered there in another corner eating together, and I sitting on these staircase simply am staring at them.... I won't judge them today, I won't make an impression or carry a prejudice, who am I to do that. I'm no one to judge, I'm just happy about this symbiosis and this coexistence. eras from now, hundreds and thousand of years later and lives later who knows all this would be a pictorial depiction in some history book with the title 'ancient civilizations' so who am I to question the history ??? "

(picture courtesy : google )

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