Thursday, February 14, 2013


for all those web of relations that surrounds us... for all those expressed & unexpressed emotions... for those tears of joy n those teary heartaches.... for all those denials and acceptance... for all those butterflies in tummy n those sleepless nights.... for moments of eternal peace and of war....for all those memories n moments... for those losses n for those treasures... for its sheer stupidity n its unfathomable genius ... 'LOVE' we know is a powerful emotion ... hate it...celebrate it or not.... but at the end of the day keep some for yourself... no one deserves it more from you than your own self .... after all you are the one who bears yourself all life long !! Happy V-Day People ;) !! ♥


  1. We shouldn't forget to love ourselves ... well said !!!

  2. Quite thoughtful thought!

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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