Saturday, February 15, 2014

let some sunshine in....

It's been gloomy, even sky is synchronizing itself with my mood, last couple of days, weeks I would rather say, in spite of the fact that I had a mini holiday too in between but nothing has been able to uplift the mood, and don't even talk about valentines it's been cold rainy and I've been under blankets down with fever for most of the day..... okay now enough of cribbing, it's just a phase won't last forever.... sometimes it just feels that everything is out of control, nothing nothing actually in the whole big universe is actually yours to have some control on.... but then as some wise men said we always have a control on ourselves and our reactions to the things that happen around us, to us..... so, I would rather go with that ..... I know I don't have a magic wand to change things or situation around me but I definitely do have some control over me and my approach and reactions to the things which I'm pretty sure is going to affect the situation around me and things will get better :) I know a hopeless optimistic bitch that I'm ... but it's better this way rather than being a sulky complaining agony aunt kind of thing... it can't rain forever... it can't stay dark always.... however full the sky may seem to be right now but there will appear a crack somewhere in that dark blanket of cloud in one tiny corner and slowly some wind and a little of sunshine will force through it slowly parting those clouds away, some of the clouds will break down, some will part, some will vaporise, and some would just float... sky will change it's color to blue with polka dots of grey and white at places.... earth will be greener post-rains and happier to see the sun back... and world too would be a better place .... and I perhaps will be stronger and better and happier a person :)
i know this pic nowhere resembles the post but but i like the way sunshine is coming towards me to fulfill the entire gallery. it's from latest trip to the land of mughals, will be posting more soon

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  1. aww what a cute post! I am sorry you have been under the weather, but hope you feel better soon and maybe you are feeling better already since I am slightly late in commenting.
    Also, what an amazing picture! Wow! such a beautiful capture. Yes, it does feel like the sun rays are seeking you and will reach you where you are standing in your dark little corner soon. great shot really!


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