Sunday, February 16, 2014

the most beautiful eyes...

she kept looking in the mirror for longer than usual, did she really see those lines at the outer corner of her eyes ... she checked again and yes there were those crow feet and her lips curled into a smile and she said to herself   "so the most beautiful eyes in the world are aging it seems" sarcastic to her own self, her smile broadens and she nods her head as if in disbelief. his voice runs into her head "wherever or whosoever you are with tomorrow just remember that you have got the most beautiful eyes in the world " and those beautiful eyes well up ... why today all of a sudden he is in her thoughts, wasn't that one sentence quite a few years old now and she really doesn't think of him much anyway or even if she does it doesn't hurt anymore... hasn't it been ages that he got busy with his life and she with hers and both of them surely not regretting any bit of it ... but then it's only us that move but those words said and those moments spent somewhere linger in the air only to flash a glimpse of themselves once in a while and take you to a world that once existed.... so, she closes her eyes, her beautiful eyes and recounts the moment.... a young couple sitting in a crowded chaos with mixed feelings don't know whether it was falling or rising out of love and all of a sudden out of nowhere he came up with that one sentence and her eyes had welled up just like now and she knew at that very moment whether they last or not but this moment and this sentence will be with her forever.... and see it is forever...and she smiles again not sarcastic this time, nor even hurt, she smiles out of satisfaction of that glorifying sentence ....just remember that you have got the most beautiful eyes in the world... and did she really think these meager wrinkles and lines can change that.... she laughed it off softly and once more looked confidently in the mirror ready to see the beautiful world outside once again with her eyes....

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