Wednesday, May 14, 2014

what's your definition of 'sexy' ??

Cad and me were having a discussion about whether a particular person is sexy or not and suddenly cad asks me what was my definition of 'sexy'... and for a moment I had no answer ! Seriously I don't find people sexy easily and I have no clue what the conventional sex appeal is..... for me it's quite different ... what I find sexy or what turns me on is more of a mental thing. Well don't doubt my orientation if I say I don't remember drooling over a guy's body ever... a well toned body definitely denotes good health and is appreciable but not necessarily sexy. Anyway so coming back to the question what I find sexy is the passion of a person,the passion with which a person does a thing whether it's his work or his hobby if it's been done with complete dedication it looks sexy, it comes out sexy.... why do you think Sherlock is such a huge sensation, definitely he is not that good looking a guy... neither is he a conventional charming metrosexual the basic fact is because he is so good at his work that led to this cumberbitch society all over the world... so thankfully I think there are other people out there who think on the same line that I do that the word 'sexy' is way more and beyond than a hot body or perfect curves... ( and of course cad laughs me off and says good work needs a certificate or a medal rather than being sexy :P ) 

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  1. I agree with you, only hot bodies cannot qualify as sexy for me too. While I do find some muscular, chiseled bodied men (read movie stars) hot and desirable, the topmost quality which appeals to me as sexy is the grey matter. You can be an average looking guy but you have that quality in you that when you speak, people listen to you enchantedly. Sexy!
    If you cannot have a meaningful conversation with a six-pack ab guy he is only a mannequin. Plus I find chivalry extremely sexy. Also, if the guy has one artistic quality in him, like he's a painter or a singer or plays a musical instrument or can dance well, that too is sexy for me. Lol I have quite a list haven't I?


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