Thursday, June 26, 2014

memories of your imaginations

It's monsoon and it rains beautifully....  most of the times I like rain unless it becomes too dragging stretching for days and then bringing a gloomy tone... otherwise I like everything about rain... the sound it makes, the smell it brings and the feeling it arouses .... as I sit here scribbling this post it's drizzling outside, I can hear a faint sound and thunders in between... few kilometers from here begins the gateway of north-eastern India.. I sit here and imagine all the greenery and all the beauty of those hills and mountains and those less travelled paths, I think of the swamps of Sundarban, I think of the delta of Brahmputra, I imagine a wet Cherapunji in my head, I have not been to these places yet, but I have read and I have imagined, I don't know how these places actually are but I've vivid imaginations of these places like some well treasured memories...qualities human beings are blessed with ! You can actually turn your imaginations into memories... anyway I think it will be time for a vacation soon... I feel like spreading my wings and travelling far and out ...."soon" I wish ;)

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