Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ah those red painted nails....

I am not a make-up girl.... at times like any other girl I do like dressing up and applying a bit of makeup but on a regular basic I stick to basics and neither do I have time nor liberty. However there has been one thing that I am very fond of and that's been nail colors... I've got nice long nails ( at least thats what everyone says) and I always have loved trying different shades of them but then life at times does not even provide with that little bit of luxury. While in school nail paints were a no-no due to the rules, then came college for me that happened to be a medical school and you can guess that it again was a 'no'... then I thought after am done with med school, but no residency did not even give me enough time to look into the mirror so forget the nail paint.... then I thought after all this one day am going to be independent and then no one can question my nail colors... now I have got a job a pretty hectic one and I'm a surgeon, my hands for most part of the are into latex gloves, they smell of latex at the end of the day, they feel dry due to the sterilizing powders in them.... and I look at my slender fingers at the end of the day... they are not manicured .... my nails are always plain and trimmed... and I look at the pictures of my friends and I see them holding fine goblets with red painted long nails and I give a sigh and look at my own nails again.... and I see them colorless but shinning with health and that makes me feel better about those red painted nails.... 


  1. aww such a heartfelt post. at least you have naturally beautiful hands and nails which is a blessing and so much better than needing to pretty them up by applying paint.
    And, you're a surgeon? how awesome is that!

  2. :) that was a consolation for sure ... and yes i'm a surgeon and it's kind of ok... guess i haven't reached the awesome phase yet ;)


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