Friday, January 8, 2010

now this is one of my Gtalks... (girlie talks...) so can't help if it if guys find this one a total crap!!!
 jactitation???.....i agree, the title of the post may sound very nacissistic..... but that's the truth, i  love my hair ...
and trust me i've got thousands of reasons to that....
it may not the have best cut in the town
it may not have the 'in' colors on it
it's not sleek straight
neither it has those lustrous curls....
but i still love it....
i love it when it's wet, and those tiny drops like fresh dew fall over my shoulders.
i love it when it's moist and leaves that beautiful fragrance around it.
i love it when it get dried slowly by the sun and the locks get interlocked, making me look like a complete mess.
i love it when it's spread on the pillow like a silky sheet and the satin feel that my hands get when i touch it.
i love to play with those locks while day dreamin or thinking deep.
i love the minor distractions it causes by falling on my eyes, when i'm busy working.
i love the confidence it gives me when i style it afresh.
i love the way it gets soaked in rain
i love the way it abosrbs the sun in winters
i love the way it gets ruffled by the autumn breeze and the soft sound it makes

i simply love it for the way it makes me look and feel..... :)


  1. jactitation, no way.. :) it is just loving what you own and appreciating it.. ;)

    ..and it's not crap.. so chill! :D

  2. :D glad to know that it's not all crap....


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