Sunday, January 17, 2010

the moon's love story

So, the diamond ring has been the talk of the town for a while, it seems. But have you ever wondered about the story behind the diamond ring? Of course everyone knows the scientific theories of eclipse, but have you ever heard the love story behind this ring….ok let me take the pleasure of narrating it here.
The moon, which is an indispensable part of romanticism, the very epitome of love, which has been an object of admiration for all the love stricken people since time unknown, has got a love story of its own, an interesting one in fact.
Now guess who is the lucky lover of this mystique beauty….. Of course the sun ! Wondering …. how can it be the sun, after all you never spot them together. But , next time when you go out in the day light, look around the sky, in some corner you may find the moon totally lost in the sun’s light. Yes, this is how the day starts for the moon….as the sun rises to it’s prominence and enlightens the world, the moon seems to be fading away, but is it really fading away? Actually the moon is getting submerged in the love of its lover. The moon surrenders itself completely to its love and such intense this selfless surrender is that there comes a moment when the moon loses its identity completely. Just imagine the bliss of such a relationship where a person lets go ones identity, all its love, all its self for the sake of love. Imagine the audacity of giving away every ounce of itself , and just look at the ease with which the moon does it.
So, through out the day the moon is completely immersed in its lover’s light, their love mingling, up in the heavenly azure. But as we know, when has the course of true love ever run smooth? So, how can this story be spared?
As the dusk succeeds the day, the sun start disappearing, the time has come, to let the love go, the moon will have to face the dark night all alone… the long dark night.
The sun before leaving makes the moon promise that however tough the time may be, how so ever dark the night may turn out to be but the moon will face every second of the darkness without losing the faith in love. The sun leaves, and moon absorbs its love and enlighten it self with the sun’s light. As the night grows darker, the moon grows brighter. Though not together, but the sun’s light never leaves the moon for a single moment. It’s the sun’s love which makes the moon radiate so beautifully that even those thousand times bigger stars seem to be so inferior.
So, there in the night stands the lonely lover longing to meet its love, and the irony is, here on earth, people like you and me look up at the moon, and give a wishful sigh thinking about our loved ones.
Moon itself is burning up there, but gives comfort to those lonely longing pair of eyes, who looking up at the moon console themselves with the fact that at some other corner of the world another pair of eyes that they love, too are looking up at the moon. So, there in that long dark night the bruised moon keeps healing those lonely hearts on the earth with a hope that ultimately there will be a dawn and the sun will rise once again, embracing the moon once again. And slowly the dawn breaks…… you see the orange flames of love burning in the sun…. and the moon is ready to be consumed once again into the eternity of love. Once again the day brightens and the love smiles :)
So, next time when you see the moon, recall this story for a moment and remember that,however lonely and dark the night may be, but there definitely comes a morning, every dusk is ultimately succeeded by a dazzling dawn. So keep up your faith alive and hold on to your love.

ps: and an eclipse is one of those lucky days when we can spot those two lovers together, in fact very much together, it’s their date… when the sun presents the moon with that dazzling diamond ring :)


  1. Hi nice post ...a complex blog
    are you from kottayam

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  4. luvd da description!! luvd da fact dat hw u kept evry aspect of sun and moon in consideration!!

    btw ny symbolisation fr stars!!!

  5. @buckingfastard: (phew...typin ur name is tough)well,a friend of mine aftr hearing this story said, "didn't the sun n the moon plan their family properly... there seems to be numerous stars up there",that ws his humorous take on this story...i cud not get ny proper role for the stars, initially i thout of seein em' as frens of the moon, which give her a company thru out the tough time, but then it seemd like a bollywood song, wid one heroine n numerous side dancers... so i dropd the idea, aftrall each star must be a sun for its own 'star system' n must be ving its own moon. wht say?

  6. that's one good love story.. a probable bollywood hit?? :P

  7. @saad : confirmed my doubts, that it's too filmy !

  8. Awwwwww just so sweet


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