Thursday, January 27, 2011

crowd or community?

i'am becoming more and more lazyyyy and am simply finding it difficult to express myself in words.... and thus there is every possibilty of my blog becoming quiesce and voided.... but then ....expression isn't a slave of words .... is it?
definitely no....
so if i don't have words i can have something else to express myself.... like.... pictures ...voila!!!
though i'm not very good at it ( as if i'm good at words...:P) but still i'll give a try... after all pictures are worth a thousand words :) so ....

crowd or community???

(taken two weeks back when i went for an eye camp to this village uphills, amidst the tall mountains and high stnading hills it was amazing how the roads were carved, and there wasn't any populatin in sight for miles ahead but all of sudden there emerged this village out of nowhere, had to trek for half an hour to reach the site but once there, the fresh mountain air, the azur sky , the smell of lime n pine coming from the trees and those wonderfully warm people made it all worth it ..... and this particular arrangement of houses was pretty interesting and thus taking a snapshot was inevitable )

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