Monday, January 10, 2011

nonsense yet again

i definitely have been very lazyyy and very stagnant, but that was yesterday, today is a different day, a new one, and it's not a new 'me' but definitely an improved 'me' and even if not improved, i don't care, as long as i feel happy to be myself.
i have stopped bothering about rights and wrongs, dos and don'ts..... who cares.... as long as my intentions are right and i don't intend to do any harm to anyone, i am free to do what i want to and tha's what exactly i am going to do now.... i'm going live it all in my way  :)
and the sky is so beautifully and blue and the sun is so happily out that i can't stop humming to myself
"sauda udano ka hai le le udane meri le mere par bhi le"

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