Wednesday, January 12, 2011

life ia a wild horse

life is a wild horse.... difficult to tame.... very difficult infact!
hardly ever does it agree to us.... most of the times we fail miserable in taming it.
but i've learnt something , there definitely are ways to soften and conqure it, there definitely are ways to get things done your way and make life move your way, you at times have to be strict, at times a disciplinarian, at times tolerant too but the easiest way to take control is to put in love there.....
nothing is perfect and the better we realize the happier we are, perfection is a mirage man keeps chasing but never finds. why burden the poor life with the baggage of perfections, are we perfect in ourselves.... NO, then why expect life to be?
tame it with love, it will become your pet and a pet may never be perfect but still is loved for the simple way of how it is, so can't we love our life for how it is.... isn't it all so simple? :)

p.s.- i don't mind life being a wild horse at times, tell me the truth, who doesn't love wild once in a while? i do! ;)

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